Native Incentive Mechanism

Through onchain governance and staking mechanics

We are highly influenced by Satoshi’s school of thought and Bitcoin’s mentality. In other words, we believe in fair launch, as communities have more to offer rather than money. We devise a way for community members to spend Time, Effort and Social capital in exchange for tokens.

Distribution of $BIT10

Total supply of 7,000,000,000 $BIT10, in which:

  • Community Sale: 10%

  • Team: 10%

  • Advisor: 5%

  • Liquidity: 10%

  • Community rewards: 65%

Community sale is the one-only round, the purpose is to bootstrap liquidity. No private sale, no VCs. You’re welcome.

Community rewards mean airdrop to members of different communities, who support Bittendo and blockchain gaming as a whole. For example: social sharing, holding gaming NFTs, partner staking, participating in play-tests, and many more.

Liquidity for DEX and future CEX listings.

Utility of $BIT10

Introducing the dual-consensus, you can use $BIT10 in two different styles: dPOW or POS.

For dPOW - degen Proof of Work, $BIT10 holders can become Miners by acquiring the Mining Machine in our first mini game Bitcoin Speedrun, which is powered by RWA (real-world activities: clicking, hovering, walking, you name it). Miners produce dBTC (Degen Bitcoin) that will grant you the airdrop of all the games launching on Bittendo until the end of time. In addition, we will introduce more mini games in dPOW to spice up our Miners’ life.

For Proof of Stake, $BIT10 can be staked into different “game validators” to fuel the next game launch. There will be several candidate games every month, and the community decides which game to release by staking. All stakers receive allocation for the upcoming game tokens.

Airdrop-Infinite (A.I.) Glitch:

The revenue share in $BIT10 that we get from each game is stored in a multisig wallet. Playing games and staking the game tokens will grant you access to this $BIT10 pool.

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