By Matrio

We are a bunch of old school gamers joining crypto from the period of 2014-2017. We love games and we love Bitcoin. That’s why we dedicate our effort to push game development and gaming experience towards total decentralisation. Our mindset is simple: gamers are owners, developers are public servants. Our approach is straightforward: putting every possible part of the game on blockchain.

Late 2020, we unknowingly entered the blockchain game frontier with several attempts to make "a simple utility for tokens." Our first game was a success and disaster at the same time. Some of the features attracted 25% of Binance Smart Chain traffic for multiple hours, which doubled the whole Ethereum network transaction during that period. Love it or hate it, people played the games, owned the assets (over 3 million NFT minted). But something was off.

The hype eventually ran out, the game developers were focusing on other "new shiny projects” that promised more money. Payment from the treasury was not enough to quench their thirst during the GameFi summer. Surely, it was not enough to warm them during the crypto winter. The game was, more or less, abandoned. Unironically, that’s a blessing in disguise. We realised the true need of blockchain games, the true meaning of decentralisation and ownerships.

*The games have to live onchain.* Not just putting the game assets on-chain, and selling the illusion of ownership while the game devs can pull the plug at any time. Time to take destiny into our hands. Time to put every possible part of the game onchain.

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